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Product Introduction

Why Maple Story 2 has attracted such a great number of players? We know that it becomes a classic game since 10 years ago, Nexon kickstarted the free-to-play movement in the US with its groundbreaking 2D Action-Adventure MMORPG, MapleStory. Now let us have a look on an infographic which show us some unbelievable facts. Then you may be able to understand why. In the last 10 years: Over 2.3 BILLION quests have been completed Players have created more than 100 million accounts created worldwide More than 200 trillion Maple Story Mesos (the in-game currency now we may called MS2 Mesos or MS Mesos) have been spent Nearly 280,000 guilds have been registered More than 1.5 million pets have been obtained Just from those data, we can know how amazing the Maple Story is, and so we know why Maple Story 2 is so welcomed by Maple Story 2 fans. Since the Maple Story 2 just released in July of this year, many players now are fully exploring the game. MS2 Mesos now becomes welcomed in Maple Story 2 players. So our web shop also provides Maple Story 2 players MS2 Mesos service with a low price. Now buy MS2 Mesos for your cute characters’ beautiful cloth, gorgeous house, amazing mounts, and so on. Gamereasy will not disappoint you.

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