All you need to know about swtor credits in farming

Star Wars: The Old Republic is like any other self-respecting MMORPG, provides a plethora of options for progression, quests, socializing with other players, and, of course, earning credits. The winning methods available in SWTOR vary greatly; some require hours and hours of work to implement, while others do not even consume your valuable time remotely. However, these faster methods are generally riskier and need a great deal of experience to get them to work. This guide will describe the most popular and profitable ways for generating 'easy' SWTOR credits, to know more visit


We devised a point system to make the described methods easily comparable. It should assist you in determining the best gold-generating business for you. Remember that the Meta Game is best, smooth, and the number of credits earned by participating in any activities is listed below. It may vary depending on the current state of the game.


Each farming activity received a maximum of 10 points in each of the following categories: time consumption, fun factor, level of risk, potential benefits, and initial and sustained investment required. You can find an explanation of each type in the table below:

Time consumption:

A higher number indicates that the activity requires LESS time. This category shows how long it takes to prepare your character for this activity. Activities that are easier to set up and take less time will receive higher marks.

Fun Factor:

A higher number equals PI enjoyment when performing this activity. It is probably the more subjective category, and your opinion can vary greatly. Less repetitive actions will be rated higher, but repetitive movements that appear rewarding will be recognized.

Risk level:

A higher number intimates that there is less risk associated with said movement. It indicates the likelihood of losing money / not making a profit while performing an activity. However, do not be discouraged because the actual risk level will gradually decrease as you gain a living.

Potential Profits:

A higher number indicates that there are MORE potential benefits. It's pretty straightforward; it shows how many SWTOR credits a company could earn you. Methods that generate more revenue per hour spent will receive higher marks.

Initial and ongoing investment required:

A higher number indicates that a LOWER initial investment is required. Some of the activities described below will need an enormous initial investment, while others will only take time. It is an expensive activity to set up and maintain low in this category.

Total Score:

It shows how simple and profitable this business is overall; the higher the number, the better. Remember, this is only an approximate score, and you should choose the breeding method that best suits your playstyle and current situation. For example, if you have low credit but a lot of time, choose the business that doesn't require a lot of investment to start but takes a little longer.


Star Wars: The Old Republic provides you with one of the most important aspects of making money in MMOs: freedom of choice. You are not limited to just one method of increasing credit; you can mix and match them as you see fit to maximize your profits and minimize boredom.