Things to know before playing SWTOR

The debut of a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) might be perplexing. The world is new and exciting, and everyone is still figuring out how to play. That's why, now that The Old Republic is out, we've compiled a list of our top 50 recommendations gleaned from hours of beta testing to help you master the game. Here's a Swtor game play guide to classes, companions, chats, crafting, and every other facet of the game for MMO novices and veterans alike.


Things to know:

When it comes to factions, pick one between the good folks and the inferior people isn't as straightforward. You'll go with unscrupulous Republic officials just as often as you'll run into diligent and suffering Imperials in Swtor game play guide. You won't be able to alter your mind, so choose the one that best suits your long-term goals.


The character advancement system in The Old Republic allows you to play several roles. Depending on the advanced class you pick at level 10, three of the four SWTOR classes can heal, three of the four can tank, and three of the four can do damage.


Inquisitors and Consulars deal ranged damage, heal, and specialize in stealth; and Inquisitors and Consulars deal ranged damage, heal, and specialize in stealth.

Fire support and tanking get provided by Troopers and Bounty Hunters. Smugglers and Imperial Agents may heal manipulated crowds and specialize in long-range damage, stealth, or melee combat.


Gender has a noticeable effect on your character's speech, and each race has its cosmetic emote: humans can cheer, cyborgs can scan people, and Twi'leks can dance. Those Twi'leks can dance.


Depending on your group and class, you'll be assigned a beginning planet. Jedi begin at Tython, the Order's present home; Sith starts at the academy on Tython, the Order's current home. Bounty Hunters and Imperial Agents work for the approval of a crime lord on Hutta, while Troopers and Smugglers find themselves in the heart of a civil war on Ord Mantell.


Instead of an auto-attack, each character can shoot or swing the weapon presently equipped. Every class gets a buff that lasts an hour and boosts some stats. Do this all the time, casting it as soon as you enter a group to apply. Because of the cover system, Imperial Agents and Smugglers play differently from other classes. You can crouch or roll behind a helpful obstacle to increase your defensive stats and activate cover-based skills by utilizing your 'Take Cover' ability. Both classes should cover first in group engagements and while battling long-range opponents. They quickly have access to the ability to drop portable covers. It can get done in difficult-to-reach areas, but you'll still need line-of-sight to shoot.