Item Rating 306 Guide for Star Wars: The Old Republic

In MMOs, gear is nearly everything, and getting the best stats in the endgame once you've reached level may be a chore if you don't know the best strategies and approaches. SWTOR credits, BioWare's popular massively multiplayer role-playing game, is no exception, and we'll show you how to get the desired Item Rating of 306 in this guide.


What is item rating?

In SWTOR, Item Rating is a simplified competitive element for your character's gear. In MMOs, there's a lot of complexity in gear stats, status effects, set bonuses, and item modification, and it's helpful to combine all of that information and see where we're at a look. It may found in various games under various titles.


However, it's vital to note that IR isn't everything. Item Rating is a decontextualized value of what you're wearing that doesn't know how well your build is optimized. It is why this article will also discuss what you should do once you've reached the critical number of 306 points.


The gear obtained in the game specifies the overall Item Rating that can get obtained. Since the release of the Onslaught expansion, the highest score is 306, and it may arise in the future as BioWare releases new content. Unless substantial gameplay modifications are adopted, the strategies provided in this article will still be valid even if the realistic limit grows.


Item Ratings get assigned to each piece of gear you can wear, as well as item modifications. On the item display, this gets shown as a number. The item rating of all your equipped gear gets used to compute your character's Item Rating. The Item Rating of moddable-gear gets determined by the Item Rating of the modifications you install, so you may raise the Item Rating of adaptive gear by installing more efficient modules.


When to get concerned about Item Rating?


You're fortunate if you're a beginner, casual, or free-to-play player: Item Rating isn't anything you need to get concerned. While it is still computed and displayed on your character sheet and item tooltips, all you need to worry about while leveling is swapping out whatever item has a minimum green upward pointing arrow on the icon. Story and solo content in SWTOR credits from the website is uncomplex, and you'll never get stuck due to in sufficient equipment if you swap out for more stuff as they drop.


As a free-to-play player, you won't have to worry about this for a couple of reasons: first, you won't be able to accomplish maximum level until you subscribe, and second, free-to-play users don't have "Artifact Equipment Authorization," which allows your character to equip the highest-rated gear. You can obtain Artifact items as a subscriber or preferred player - that is, if you were a subscriber in the past but elected to stop paying for premium status - and if you hit level 75 as a subscriber, you maintain that level.


Once you reach the maximum level of 75, you should concentrate on item rating. Even if you don't care about PvP, Operations, or other higher-difficulty activities, you won't have to worry too much because you'll have built up enough Item Rating to excel in solo content organically. It's time to get working if you want to get the most out of SWTOR and enjoy the complex content.