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Guide on the quickest way to level up in SWTOR.

Some folks aren't interested in leveling their characters. The leveling experience in SWTOR is fantastic. On the official forums, the fastest way to level in SWTOR is also a frequently asked question. Although being a subscription is the quickest method to level, you may still level quickly in SWTOR with a SWTOR credits free account.


Weekly and daily quests

In SWTOR, daily missions let you progress quickly. Space Missions, Flashpoints, and Warzones are examples of daily quests, and you can complete one every day. When it comes to flashpoints, you will gain even more experience the first time you run one. Find a new flashpoint around your level that you haven't done yet if you get a daily mission. Attempt to complete two missions at the same time: a daily quest and a regular quest. It improves the efficiency of your leveling.



Using a boost is the quickest way to level up rapidly with SWTOR credits from the websitehttp://www.gamereasy.com/. You may buy Space Mission boosts to help you finish your space missions or a general Major or Minor Experience boost to help you with anything. While Major and Minor Experience Enhancements are slightly more costly, the others are not much expensive. If you observe the GTN, you may find them inexpensive. Major Boosts last three hours, while minor boosts last an hour.


It is impossible to use multiple boosts simultaneously, so choose them carefully. While questing, it's a good idea to have a Major or Minor experience with you. If you need a break from questing, increasing the flashpoint experience might be beneficial. You can utilize a modest boost to complete a few flashpoints or others for more time.


Character legacy unlocks

Within your character legacy, character experiences are there to enhance your experience. This experience unlocks the character-specific, which means you must do everything for each character separately. Experienced unlocks are there for a variety of options; always prioritize them in this order:


● Exploration

● The Class Narrative

● Flashpoints

● Warzones

● Missions in Space

● Galactic Starfighter


Depending on the ones you enjoy the most, you may prioritize flashpoints, warzones, and space missions.


Bonus Experience from Guild Membership

You can increase your experience by joining the guild. Each active member gives the guild +1 percent experience, up to a maximum of 5%. Then there's a 1% experience and reputation boost for every five recruits. With enough members, a guild can gain up to 10% extra experience. This benefit is in addition to the bonus experience gained via boosters.


Free and preferred accounts

Consider paying for a month if you want to level as quickly as possible in SWTOR. As a subscriber, you will receive no XP decreases in addition to all of the other perks. You can choose from many warzones, flashpoints, and space missions as you like. F2P accounts can obtain a free week of regular XP if they can't afford to pay. Every 90 days, you may utilize a referral link to get a free 7-day subscription.



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