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Guide on the advanced classes in Swtor game

While the concept of advanced classes in MMOs isn't new, BioWare's developers have combined the combat roles of holiness into something unique as you improve your Star Wars: The Old Republic. The individual. The Old Republic. Traditionally, your group combat role is assigned early in the game. You are a healer if you play a Monk, a tank if you play a Warrior, and a DPS if you play a Wizard. Each player's class determines their story to get more SWTOR credits. Your combat role is merely a secondary consideration.


For example, when a bounty hunter reaches level 10, he can choose between playing a Powertech, which grants tank, or DPS abilities, and playing a mercenary, which allows DPS or healing abilities.


Each class works in the same way. After completing the first-world missions, it allows you to either the Imperial or Republican fleet. If you are at level 10, you will be assigned to speak with a unique trainer who will ask you which of the two advanced courses you want to take with SWTOR credits from https://www.gamereasy.com/. It is currently not possible to deselect or change the routes. We tried all of the advanced courses to assist you in making this critical decision. None of them are bad, but each has its own set of undertones.

Jedi Knight Guardian / Sith Warrior Juggernaut:

These two melee classes are the classic tanks. Remember that it is your job to protect the Spongy Classes when you cast a Guardian or a Juggernaut. BioWare assists you by providing you with hate-generating abilities in PvE and other qualities that allow you to reduce damage to allies in PvP. For example, the Hilt Strike skill, which grants to the Guardian at level 14, generates additional hatred, hopefully distracting those attacked.

Sentinel of the Jedi / Sith Warrior Marauder:

These mirrors are melee DPS classes, but they also have incredible damage mitigation, making them ideal for off-banking when necessary. The disadvantage of playing any of these classes is that you don't get any crowd control ability until level 16 when you get Leg Slash (or Crippling Slash). Because you are a melee class, you will require the assistance of one of your teammates to keep your targets in range until you reach that level.

Jedi Consular Sage / Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer:

When controlling the crowd and healing, Sorcerer and Sage are assisting with what to do. Before reaching level 10, these classes can manipulate the battlefield with abilities such as Force Wave for the Sage and Force Lightning for the Warlock. However, look at this strength bar; it will download quickly.

Jedi Assassin Consular Shadow / Sith Inquisitor:

The classic rogue class is especially in comparison with the Assassins and Shadows. In general, these two classes have the same feature but not everything from the melee range. The Jedi's Harnessed Shadows facility is to enhance a ranged destruction ability. And the Sith's mind control capability enables you to the tank. Reasonably "classic" is a more influential word; "rogue hybrid" is a more suitable explanation.

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