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New In-Game Event - The Pirate Incursion
During the event, you’ll embark on a variety of both Normal and Heroic Daily Missions to support your faction’s interests on Dantooine. The Republic aims to drive off the 
marauding Nova Blades and thwart the small Imperial strike team sent to destabilize the planet, while the Empire will do anything it takes to weaken the Republic’s hold on 
Dantooine. The Nova Blades have one goal: plunder everything they can, no matter who gets in the way.
With war intensifying across the galaxy, you find yourself in a unique position to influence the outcome at critical moments. Once you complete the storyline on Ossus, you’ll 
find that your pivotal choice there affects certain missions on Dantooine.
If you’d rather take a stroll under the blba trees and enjoy the view of the ruined Jedi enclave unobstructed by pirates, you’ll have your wish soon. You can still visit and 
explore Dantooine when the event is not active, and you’ll even find a few Daily Missions unique to the peaceful landscape.
Dantooine has more than daily missions for you to discover, of course. You’ll want to conduct a thorough search of the planet to unlock all the secrets it holds!

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