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Guide on credit restrictions on SWTOR

Free accounts in SWTOR are subject to some limitations. Many of the restrictions aren't even worth mentioning. You would have loved every minute of it if you were on the Preferred Account status.

Here is about the most common credit restrictions on free accounts and how to deal with them when they arise.


Credit restrictions

Credit limitations are most transparent and straightforward to deal with among all the restrictions.

Credit caps

At any specific time, Free to Play players can access up to 200,000 dollars. Players with a Preferred Account can only have 3,50,000 SWTOR credits allocated. If you have more credits than the prescribed level, then the credits will get deposited in your escrow account.  Subscribing or unlocking up to 1,000,000 credits is the only way to get access to it. The credits unlocking boosts your credit line for a specified duration. You'll be back to the usual 200k/350k caps once you've used it.


It is easy to deal with the credit limit.  It is necessary to perform a lot of credit grinding, such as warzones, daily missions for buying all of your unlocks. The total cost will range from 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 credits, depending on whether you require unlocking for single or multiple accounts.  You'll need to work hard to come with methods to spend your money once you've earned all of the unlocks. Credit limits can be advantageous in some cases. They do save you from having to grind everyday hubs to save money. You may devote more time to the game.


Transferring credits

Credits can be traded or sent using a Free Account. Use favored status if you wish to play this game for free. Even if sending SWTOR credits  through the mail from preferred accounts is impossible, you can transfer them through safe trade. Opening a trade window is all that secure trading entails. Find a trustworthy acquaintance with whom you may exchange credits. It's a mutually beneficial relationship if you both have Preferred Accounts.


Keeping rewards

Keeping a continuous supply of credits on hand is simple. First, sell anything substantial between $100,000 and $200,000 on the GTN. In most cases, a stack of crafting material will be sufficient. After it sells, leave the credits in your mailbox. Create a new stack or item to sell and retain in your account. Set an additional product on the GTN to fill it before you collect the credits from your email. You have 30 days to store it in the email.

Conquest Benefits

You will receive credit benefits each week if you fulfill the conquering point criteria. You will get two products when you place in the top 10. These are single products with a value of 25 and 50 thousand dollars, respectively. You can keep them in your bank account until your requirement. They do take up some space, but they stack.

Friends You Can Trust

You may also have your friends send you credits if you are a favorite player. Give a buddy 100, 200, or 350 thousand dollars and ask them to mail it to you. You have 30 days to keep it in your mailbox.

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